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Rare 0.3.0

Read 0.2.0 notes here

rare launched version 0.3.0 this week which brings some bug fixes, significant performance improvements in key scenarios, as well as a new aggregator: heatmaps!

Rare 0.3

New Features

There are two major new features

New Aggregator: Heatmaps!

Heatmaps were added to allow displaying a dense visualization of strength of a value at a given 1D or 2D key. It's similar to a table where each cell is the strength of the value at that value.

Rare Heatmap

Testing Expressions

Rare now has the ability to test, analyze, and benchmark expressions without running an aggregator with the expression command.

For example:

$ ./rare expression -d 15 -d 20 -k key=30 -sb "The sum is {sumi {0} {1} {key}}"
Expression: The sum is {sumi {0} {1} {key}}
Result:     The sum is 65

  Stages:        2
  Match Lookups: 2
  Key   Lookups: 1

Benchmark: 163ns (6,400,000 iterations in 1.043727002s)


In addition to the two major features above, there are some significant improvements:

  • Significantly faster follow-reading files (10x read-rate from 50MB/s to 500MB/s)
  • Allow tailing a file in addition to following
  • Switch from buffered read-ahead to buffered read-thru allows better responsiveness with similar IO performance
  • Better UTF8 read and render support
  • Improved sorting arguments across all aggregators for more display control

Misc Fixes/Bugs

  • Functions: Add duration, time attribute function (eg. week number)
  • Organize the --help documentation
  • Allow single-row tables
  • Fix some panics in edge-cases

Try it out!

If you're interested in trying out are, head over github to grab it, or take a look at the documentation for more screenshots and examples.

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