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rare 0.2.0 launches today, which brings numerous features, significantly better documentation, and some performance improvements.

Key Changes

  • New documentation site at hosted by netlify, and generated via mkdocs, using same markdown that's embedded in rare
  • Output match-data as json
  • Numerous new expressions, including color-coding and custom rendering
  • Arm64 support
  • Numerous bug-fixes and ease-of-use fixes


448b0ec Add ability to do some simple coloring/drawing with expressions. Support escaping (#52)
2f5ebaa Add ignore-case modifier flag for ease of use
2397fa4 Allow outputing matched data as json (#51)
eaeb6bb Batcher cleanup (#54)
26c424a Break out bytesize to humanize, add some features, expand to expression lib
3654616 Create mkdocs site, and reorganize some of the doc files (#53)
da708e6 Display read bytes and read-rate (#55)
79b154e Doc fixes (#49)
0bd7f6d Doc tweaks
cbcd424 Faster string-select lookup and null-rune recognition
380764c Fix PCRE panic when filter has no expression
5c70a29 Fix bytesize test
ba59e52 Fix embedded docs on windows
97d690f If fail to read input as gzip, rewind to get entire file as plain text
0eb2b09 Not google analytics (On mkdocs site)
545f909 Performance bump (#56)
afe912c Readme tweaks
b2b463b Strconv is much faster than printer
bed0fb4 Update (#47)
e5b48cb Use default pager when outputting docs
2000129 Useability 3 (#50)
8213b35 Build arm64 version
dc90df1 Filter delim (#42)
f9a464e Fix manpage path
a444c98 Implement exit codes to signal exit states (#43)
22b0a34 Introduce some better code for term size (#44)
ce59a7e Manpage generation and packaging (#45)
efaee25 Docs website
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