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June 22, 2019: UbSub Supports Websockets

I feel like SocketIO has been on the way out for a bit now. When I originally started UbSub it felt like the obvious solution to a streaming event system, but technology changes, and so we have to. Since SocketIO...

January 31, 2018: Exploring Coding on Embedded Devices

Exploring Coding on Embedded Devices Recently, I've been digging deep into developing cross-embedded-platform software on the Particle/Arduino/Unix in my library for ubsub.io, with ubsub-iot. This is my first in-depth embedded application, so along the way, I ran into some learning...

September 14, 2017: Routing Your Events with UbSub

PubSub & The Events Problem After I started to play more and more with IoT devices (see my last few blog posts), I realized that my communication lines were growing in complexity very rapidly. I had a few Devices talking...


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