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Here are some of my personal projects, both open and closed source.


  • A SaaS website to implement simple Pub-Sub across many different platforms (IoT, web, native, etc)
  • Provides integrations with Arduino, MQTT (via Mosquitto), SocketIO, http, UDP, email, etc
  • Support plugin integration and OIDC authentication for expandability
  • Suite of 10+ microservices
  • Website:

Empeld (Pontoon City)

  • A mod-first designed game engine
  • Working to create open-source games on top of engine
  • Website:
  • Builder Game Plugin: Bitbucket


  • Small nodejs application to allow easy uploading of files to a given server
  • Published to npm and dockerhub
  • Website: Github


  • A system monitoring and alerting tool for "lazy people"
  • Works with base linux install
  • Executes all monitoring commands over ssh and alerts various channels
  • Website:
  • Source: Github

Sloth Monitor

  • A node agent/ui application to monitor realtime statistics and logs on a network of systems
  • Uses Bootstrap, React, and to provide a seamless experience
  • UI Source: Bitbucket
  • Agent Source: Bitbucket

Analog Turtle

  • A shader-driven effects app, meant to be a screensaver
  • Work in progress
  • Client Source: Bitbucket
  • Website Source: Bitbucket

Doc Parser

  • A C# documentation parser and reflector.
  • Generates documentation in various formats for MSIL/CIL assemblies
  • Created to make converting .NET XML docs into other formats (text, dokuwiki, etc)
  • Source: Bitbucket

Arma Launcher

  • A game launcher that synchronizes a user's mod folders and launchers a game
  • Yes, I know, it's insecure. It's meant for friends use only, but I figured I'd open-source it
  • Source: Bitbucket

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